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Tiny Trip Plymouth MA

Welcome to Your Do-It-Yourself Tiny Trip

Shhh...it's our best kept secret. Come to Plymouth between Sunday and Thursday and you'll be rewarded with great rates, free things to do, fewer crowds and personal attention. You’ll receive a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful views, great shopping, delectable dinner choices and of course fun! There's so much to explore.

How to Plan Your Tiny Trip:

#1 - Decide to give yourself a little love

You’ve earned a little serenity, definitely some sanity and some well-deserved time by the sea -- so commit now to your very own getaway!

#2 - Create your itinerary

Here is just a sampling of some wonderful things to do in Plymouth this time of year:

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock, first brought to the light of the public eye by a young boy who remembered being present in 1741 when Elder Thomas Faunce stated that this was indeed the rock that was used as a stepping stone by the Pilgrims when they disembarked from the ship’s boat that tendered them from the Mayflower.  The now famous “Plymouth Rock” is located on the waterfront in downtown Plymouth, near the State Pier. 
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National Monument to the Forefathers
Thought to be the largest solid granite monument in the United States, this 81-foot-tall granite statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. Boston sculptor Hammatt Billings designed the monument which features allegorical figures depicting the virtues of Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. 
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Pilgrim Hall Museum

Pilgrim Hall Museum
Pilgrim Hall Museum, built in 1824, offers a chance to touch an authentic piece of Plymouth Rock.You can view actual 17th century Pilgrim possessions, including William Bradford’s Bible, Peregrine White’s cradle and Myles Standish’s sword 
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Plymouth Jetty

The Jetty
Walk the mile-long rock jetty and watch as boats return with their catch of the day.

Brewster Garden

Brewster Gardens
Brewster Gardens, named for the Pilgrims religious leader, offers a peaceful walk from Plymouth Harbor along Town Brook up to Plimoth Grist Mill.  Along the way see the Immigrant Statue, the Pilgrim Maiden Fountain and the many springs that provided the Pilgrims and the Natives before them clean, clear drinking water still flowing from the hillside.  Stop in at the Jenney Museum at Town Brook.

State Pier

State Pier
State Pier is home to Mayflower currently in CT undergoing renovation for Plymouth’s 400 Commemoration in 2020.  Look for her return in the spring of 2020.

Shop the Waterfront

Water Street
Along Water Street, the many shops and restaurants provide a view of the harbor and the fishing and pleasure crafts that go about their business seasonally. Dining opportunities abound here and you can be sure to find lots of fresh seafood.  Village Landing Marketplace is a great place to wander, get an ice cream cone and take in the dozens of unique shops.  The 1620 Winery & Wine Bar makes a great stop for relaxing before continuing your Harborside adventure. 

Nelson Park

Nelson Park
Families with children enjoy the playground and picnic area. A bike path follows the harbor to Hedge Road in North Plymouth. Visitors enjoy stopping by for the spectacular ocean view. 
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Burial Hill

Burial Hill
A must-stop along the historic path of the Pilgrims, Burial Hill is the site is one of their first forts and the burial place of William Bradford and other first settlers. Set high atop the hill, the Pilgrims placed their cannons facing the harbor for protection. On the first Saturday of each month (except January), the Plymouth Antiquarian Society invites you to explore one of Plymouth’s greatest historic treasures during a series of free themed discovery tours.
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Scallop Roll

Plymouth Scallop Roll
The Plymouth Scallop roll is a free public arts event which features 29 custom scallop shells sponsored by local businesses and organizations and painted by local artists.  View these welcoming art displays by following the map:
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Leyden St

Leyden Street
Stretching from Brewster Gardens to Town Square is Leyden Street named for the city of Leiden in Holland that served as a refuge for some Pilgrims during their religious persecution. To the Pilgrims it was “the street”. Original 19th-century paving stones lie underneath.  Tablets on the homes also offer an explanation of Pilgrim residents here and in the English Village.


Massasoit Statue
Massasoit Sachem or Ousamequin (c. 1581 – 1661) was the sachem or leader of the Wampanoags. The term Massasoit means Great Sachem.
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#3 - Reserve your room 

Luxury resorts to pamper you, bed and breakfasts to welcome you, hotels and motels to meet your every need. It's all here. Perfectly situated, Plymouth is the gateway to the Cape and the Islands and within driving distance to Boston and so much more. 

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#5 - Head to Plymouth

As our VIP guest, you’ll receive a thank you gift from See Plymouth for joining us mid-week. Simply stop by to see us at one of these locations and we’ll give you two cool gifts!
134 Court Street between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
Exit 5 Visitor Center (next to McDonald’s) on Sunday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Tiny Trip must be booked February 15 through December 31, 2020 Sunday through Thursday only. Please mention Tiny Trip to receive your gift from us.