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Hawk Visuals
6 Main Street Extension Suite 608
Plymouth , MA
Phone: 508-317-9276

"Hawk Visuals is an exploration into inspiration. It's about the people we work with and their visions coming to life. That interaction is Inspirational." 

In 2015, Matt Mulligan graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Master's degree in architecture. With that knowledge, he progressed to practicing as an architect with a primary focus on residential projects in the New England area. Matt initially loved the discipline because of the possibility of seeing a shared vision between the homeowner and himself coming to life.

​A keen interest in photography coupled with his access to a few drones through his grandfather resulted in Matt founding Hawk Visuals in 2016. In doing so, it has allowed him to explore areas in a completely different and unique way, unlike anything he's been exposed to before. In an effort to share that fondness, Matt took it upon himself to share and inspire others through his work.