• Plymouth 400

Celebrate the 400th Commemoration of the Mayflower Voyage and the Founding of the Plymouth Colony

The Plymouth 400 Anniversary will highlight the cultural contributions and American traditions that began with the interaction of the Wampanoag and English peoples, a story that significantly shaped the building of America.

Plymouth 400, Inc. is planning Signature Events and Programs honoring this historic Anniversary – America’s story of exploration, innovation, self-governance, religious expression, and thanksgiving; the legacies sparked by these historic events and that continue today as cornerstones of our nation.

Signature Events and Programs will include historical and cultural exhibitions, live televised and web events, multi-day festivals, original arts and entertainment collaborations and educational programming and resources. Signature Events and Programs will take place through 2020.

With participation anticipated in the millions, celebrated national and global leaders, artists, entertainers, veterans, descendants, indigenous Nations, and students from around the world will join in the commemoration events and moments of remembrance.

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