Craft Beer Cellar

Craft Beer Cellar
31 Main Street
Plymouth , MA
Phone: 774-773-9229

We are a craft beer bottle shop, whose primary focus has always been the best beer that we can get our hands on. We spend our lives in search of beers made in breweries just down the street or on the other side of the world, that are well-crafted and good examples of either their style or what we think excellent beer should be, keeping in mind that "style" is not everything. We are not snobs, we are beer geeks! We are students of our trade and take great pride in learning everything we can about beer; how it's made, what the ingredients are, what we should drink it from, what food a beer pairs well or can be made with. We like to tinker with draft systems, tap faucets and kegs, and have been known to brew some pretty ridiculous beer, ourselves. We are your local beer bottle shop and in many states, draft bar for growler fills or in-store draft service. We are good beer, good people, and good times!

 NEW! -  Baystate Brew Tours To Open In Plymouth! All Inclusive Brewery Tours Departing All Over The South Shore
BayState Brew Tours, LLC, a company that offers all-inclusive brewery tour trips is pleased to announce the opening of a Plymouth based branch. Offering a variety of tour combinations each featuring three to four breweries, the guest’s faire covers samples at each brewery, a snack, bottled water and safe transportation in the beer themed bus.
BayState Brew Tours is looking to bring value, experience and safety to the time honored tradition of visiting multiple breweries in a single day. "Plymouth has become the epicenter for food and drink South of Boston. "It just makes sense to start our first bus here," according to Managing Director Steven Hall. The main departure point for the BayState Brew Tours Bus will be the Craft Beer Cellar in Plymouth where customers will be able to sign-up for a tour at an electronic kiosk inside.
"Craft Beer Cellar is excited to welcome Baystate Brew Tours to Plymouth and the surrounding area. This is a great partnership and to expand education and experience for craft beer lovers. Craft Beer Cellar is looking forward to partnering to provide unmatched service and hospitality as we show you what's brewing."
Tatum Stewart, Director of Hoperations at Craft Beer Cellar in Plymouth
  *Offering all-inclusive tours in a variety of formats
  *Tours start in early April
  *Beer-themed Tour Bus is also available for private charter for all occasions

Plymouth Area Brew Tour
The Pilgrim's would have been proud! The craft beer scene in America's Hometown is BOOMING. On this tour you will see the tap rooms and back rooms of the following breweries/cider houses.
*Mayflower Brewing Company
*Independent Fermentations
*Plymouth Beer Company
More info at