Plymouth History Explorers (virtual)

Plymouth Antiquarian Society Plymouth , MA

Monday, July 20, 2020 to Monday, August 17, 2020

July 20th - August 17th - Who: Young history lovers (ages 8 to 12)  - Cost: Free to all!  Visit the weblink for details and weekly schedule activities.

How it will work: 

•    Each week we will release a fun activity that participants can do at home.
•    Downloadable resources and instructional videos will be added to our website and shared on our Facebook page.  
•    After they are released, the activities will remain available for the rest of the summer, allowing families to complete each one on their own time.
•    We will provide take-home kits with supplies for hands-on activities. Kits must be reserved in advance for pre-arranged pickup. 
•    Participants who complete all five activities by August 31st will receive a complimentary membership in the Junior Antiquarian Society, which encourages continued engagement with local history.