CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Painted Rain Barrel Auction Event

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Plymouth County Conservation District is seeking ten local artists, to participate in the 2020 painted rain barrel auction event. Artists will be tasked with painting a 55-gallon rain barrel that will then be auctioned off to the community, producing funds for future community conservation efforts. Each artist will be given guidelines for the event, a gift card to offset the cost of supplies, and a rain barrel.

The rain barrels will be displayed to the public for artist recognition and voting at Plimoth Plantation. The auction will happen during the Heirloom Seeds Weekend 2020 at Plimoth Plantation, where artists can talk about their work and mingle with the public. The artists that create the top three highest producing revenue barrels in the auction will be awarded cash prizes. By agreeing to the project, the barrels then become the property of Plymouth County Conservation District.

This project allows for the community to see local artists dedication and hard work, while spreading the message of water conservation and the conservation efforts of Plymouth County Conservation District. Full program details will be released on September 1, 2019.

If interested in participating, please contact District Manager Jack Sisson at

This project was made possible by the Conservation District Innovation Grants Program. The funds for the program are from the sale of Commonwealth capital bonds authorized by Chapter 286 of the acts of 2014.