Create an ArtWeek Event for 2019

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Applications for 2019 (April 26 – May 5) are open now through February 22, 2019!
Not just another calendar listing, ArtWeek events should be unique experiences that are hands-on, interactive or offer behind-the-scenes access to arts, culture, and the creative economy. New this season, ArtWeek is using an Event Host Portal as the gateway to ArtWeek for all Event Hosts to create new event applications, monitor the status of their application(s), and edit event(s). Once you create your unique Event Host Portal Account, you can start submitting event applications for ArtWeek consideration. The ArtWeek Team will review applications on a rolling basis. Upon review of your application, if the ArtWeek Team does not feel that your event adequately meets the criteria or has additional follow-up questions, a team member will reach out to discuss and coach potential tweaks to make it more ‘ArtWeek-friendly.’


Early Bird Deadline: January 11*

Final Deadline: February 22

*Applications received before our Early Bird Deadline will be featured on the Boch Center Wang Marquee and will have their event pages live before other events are announced (unless instructed otherwise). These events will also be considered for early press outreach.

What qualifies as an ArtWeek event?

ArtWeek events should be unique, memorable and inspired experiences as long as they are a taste of the arts, culture, and/or creativity unlike others that are regularly offered during other times of the year. The award-winning festival happens statewide, so they’re looking for event hosts from all corners of the Commonwealth including rural towns, suburban hubs, and urban centers. They define the arts broadly to include culinary, design, architecture, spoken word, film, fashion, and other less traditional artistic forms of expression in addition to dance, theatre, music and visual arts – so we encourage creativity! 

To be considered for ArtWeek, your event must:

Take place during the ten days of ArtWeek (Friday, April 26 – Sunday, May 5)
Charge no more than $50 per person (many are free!)
Include a special “ArtWeek twist” that is participatory, interactive, or offer behind-the-scenes access to the arts
What are examples of an “ArtWeek twist”?

Plenty of events are outside-the-box, but you can also easily transform an existing event or performance that would normally be available to the general public (ex: a show, performance, and/or exhibit) by adding a simple “ArtWeek twist” like: inviting the public to what is typically a closed rehearsal, offering a private tour of a gallery exhibition, hosting a panel discussion, etc. For more examples, please see these categorized inspiration sheets of past ideas/events.

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