Living on Leyden in 2020

Monday, March 2, 2020

This article written by Lea Filson, Executive Director of See Plymouth originally ran in the Old Colony Memorial, the Kingston Reporter and the Carver Reporter on February 8, 2020.

Are you as tired as I am of all the discord in the world today? It seems with all the anger out there that our lives have become more stressed than in past years. Sometimes it becomes necessary to unplug, unwind, and find solace in a place other than home.

For me, it is a walk down the hill from my house on Leyden Street in Plymouth to the bay. By the time I get to the bottom of the hill, I’m breathing in the fresh sea air and ready to walk it off. You should consider joining me.

Today’s lingo for those who no longer have time to take a long vacation is to take a Tiny Trip. The words Tiny Trip are trending on social media, and travel magazines are writing about them. There is no better place for a Tiny Trip than Plymouth.

Between Sundays and Thursdays in Plymouth, there are fewer people visiting, more space to walk, more restaurant reservation openings and more thinking time. Walking along the bay, on a quiet morning, gives you the solitude and space to ponder whether you have lost sight of what is really important. Hotel rates are much lower Sunday through Thursday, and some hotels offer breakfast along with your night stay. Best of all, visiting a new place between a Sunday and Thursday means you work less that week. A shot in the arm of beauty and serenity helps restore sanity.

As you make your way through the historic district, you’ll realize that history is only the beginning. There are shops offering mid-week bargains, and some of the best restaurants in Massachusetts. Making a reservation is a snap since you are here mid-week. This time of year, on any given night, you can hear music, walk through Town Hall and see local art, tour Pilgrim Hall Museum’s latest exhibit or catch an indie film at Plimoth Plantation.

A Tiny Trip has real benefits to your mental health. By checking in for a night in Plymouth, you will not have to deal with a fear of flying or worry about foreign money. The unspoiled beaches and fresh seafood will motivate your mind and strengthen your health. It is time to show care and concern for you by you. Head to Plymouth for a Tiny Trip and a walk past Plymouth Bay.