Native Interests

Plimoth Plantation
137 Warren Avenue
Plymouth , MA
Phone: (508) 746-1622

Wampanoag Plimoth Plantation Homesite

Here you'll discover how the 17th-century Wampanoag would have lived along the coast during the growing season; planting their crops, fishing and hunting, gathering wild herbs and berries for food, and reeds for making mats and baskets. Read more about Wampanoag Plimoth Plantation Homesite

Brewster Gardens
Water Street
Plymouth , MA

Brewster Gardens

The reconstruction of this beautiful park was a combination of park enhancements and environmental restoration. The park project involved the installation of new drainage throughout the park, the placement of fill and grading of the park, new paths, lighting, benches, landscaping, stonework, brickwork and other amenities. Read more about Brewster Gardens

Plymouth Memorial Hall
83 Court Street Main Street, Leyden Street, Water Street
Plymouth , MA

Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Wampanoag Ancestors Walk

Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 10:00am to 1:00pm

The Wampanoag Ancestors Walk will be led by the Wampanoag tribes of Massachusetts. Placards will be carried with the names of the original 69 villages of the Wampanoag Nation. Participants will pay homage to Massasoit and King Phillip and will stop at designated sites to bless the spots where Wampanoag ancestors walked. The walk will conclude with a drum ceremony and homage to Native souls, followed by a reception. Check the weblink for further details. Read more about Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Wampanoag Ancestors Walk

Plymouth, MA

Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Embarkation Festival

Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Embarkation Festival will be a grand cultural and arts festival that will honor the traditions, cuisine, and music of not only the settlers and Wampanoag people but of the diverse population of immigrants who have become the fabric of American life. World music, culinary events, artisan crafts, and cultural exhibits will define the many cultures represented. People will be engaged in America’s story of exploration, immigration, innovation, self-governance, religious expression, and thanksgiving. Read more about Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Embarkation Festival

Bridgewater State College Bridgewater , MA

Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Indigenous History Conference & Powwow

Friday, October 30, 2020 to Sunday, November 1, 2020

This conference will address the legacy of colonization experienced by Wampanoag and other Native people in the (now) New England area. The conference will be divided into 3 sections:
Day/Section I: discuss what traditional life was like before the time of European contact.
Day/Section II: discuss the processes of colonization, what colonization really is, how it impacted people at the time, and how it is an ongoing process that continues to impact Native people and tribes today.
Read more about Plymouth 400 Signature Event - Indigenous History Conference & Powwow