Hatch Mill Restoration & Preservation Group Inc.

Hatch Mill Restoration & Preservation Group Inc.
Off Union Street
Marshfield , MA
Phone: 781-834-9647

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Hatch Mill Restoration & Preservation Group, Inc. created to restore Marshfield's Hatch Mill into a working educational site.

We are looking for volunteers of many talents including those with carpentry/craftsman skills, those with office skills including computer and auto cad competence and those with generous, big hearts to donate time, food and money to this exciting effort.

The Hatch Mill, built in 1753, is the last remaining water-powered saw mill on the North River. It is a piece of the living history for Marshfield, towns of the South Shore, New England, and America. Today, the North River is filled with recreational boats, but in the 17th and 18th century it was bustling with the industry of boat building and related trades. The North River is the "river that launched a thousand ships." The Columbia was launched on the North River and sailed to the Pacific Northwest under Captain Robert Gray. In 1792, Captain Gray discovered the Columbia River and named it after the ship. In 1790, it became the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. Today, only plaques remain of the many shipyards that once built the ships that sailed to open the great American west. The wood used by these shipyards was local timber sawn by the many saw mills on both sides of the North River. The Hatch Mill, a water-powered up-and-down sash saw mill, still stands beside its mill pond and represents this glorious New England and American History.

The Hatch Mill restoration project has been funded with the assistance of matching funds from the Massachusetts Preservation Projects Fund through the Massachusetts Historical Commission, a division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Francis Galvin, Secretary pending reauthorization of the capital accounts and the availability of sufficient allocated funds.

Please visit the weblink for more information or call Roy at 781-834-9647.