The Jenney Interpretive Centre

The Jenney Interpretive Centre
48 Summer Street
Plymouth , MA
Phone: 508-747-4544

Tours begin June 11, 2020. Check the Weblink for the Calendar of available times. The Jenney Interpretive Centre Tours -  #1 tour on - Located in the heart of the historic district, The Jenney Interpretive Centre offers exhibits that tell the story of history and industry that began here in Plymouth.
“The Abolitionists” – Learn about the Underground Railroad movement here in Plymouth and hear about slavery then and now.

"Discover Plymouth's History - A Walking Tour"
Walk the historic district and hear stories of the sacrifices the Pilgrims made to give our country the freedom we so richly enjoy today. Hear about the challenges they faced and learn the truth about the part their faith in God played in their journey to America and in their daily life. Is Plymouth Rock REALLY the true landing place of the Pilgrims? Find out why we believe it is!

"Forefathers Monument Tour"
This hidden gem is the largest free-standing solid granite monument in our country. Faith is the main statue, surrounded by Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty. This monument tells the faith story of the Pilgrims and how their faith shaped the founding and development of our country. Replicas of the monument available in the gift shop.

Indoor Presentations
“Discover Plymouth’s History” & “Forefathers Monument” Presentations
These presentations are designed for inclement weather or for those who cannot walk. They are presented by historians in period costume.

Educational Programs

"Conversations with a Pilgrim"
Educational programs meant to engage and challenge.  Meet and talk with a Pilgrim and learn about their life, their challenges, and their beliefs.

“Business Not As Usual - Pilgrim Economics”  
Discover why the Pilgrims changed from communal living to land-ownership and how this change led to the beginning of free-trade, industry, and capitalism in our country.

“They Didn’t Know They Were Pilgrims”
Were the early settlers so very different from us? Meet an eyewitness to the early years of Plymouth Colony whose life was totally different from ours, but she and her family and neighbors were simple ordinary people who struggled with problems and were thankful for blessings which we can relate to today.

Visit The Jenney's gift shop. Open April 1 — November 30 - Open through December for special events - Closed Sunday
A replica of the National Monument to the Forefathers available here.

•    Historical books on the Pilgrims
•    Local food gifts
•    Photography & watercolors
•    Local artisans hand crafted items
•    Unique gifts
•    Souvenirs

Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays; Limited hours on Thanksgiving Day
Hours are subject to change. Call for more information.