Jones River Village Historical Society

Jones River Village Historical Society
P.O. Box 22
Kingston , MA
Phone: 781-585-6300

The Jones River Village Historical Society works to collect, preserve and educate the public abou the history of the town of Kingston. It makes its collections accessible through exhibition, research assistance and educational programs and lectures. It also preserves, protects and maintains the Society's headquarters, the Major John Bradford Homestead.

The Jones River Village Club began during the early twentieth-century conservation movement.  Local resident, Miss Helen Holmes responded to a survey requested by President Theodore Roosevelt to document the natural resources in each state and territory.  It was from Miss Holmes involvement with the survey that a local interest developed in the conservation of the town of Kingston.  The Jones River Village Club, named for the Jones River which flows through the Town, was the result.   

The Club initially was composed of men and women who “were interested in preserving and developing our natural wealth.”  Lectures, demonstrations, and exhibitions showcasing the educational and historical aspects of the Town were part of the outreach provided by the Club.  Social events such as picnics and clam bakes were also popular programs sponsored by the Club.  The Club was a very active part of the Town, with  the motto of ‘getting things done’ and improving the aspects of the community for its residents.  The Club grew steadily, but disbanded in 1913 after the formation and development of the Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry.

In 1920, as activities surrounding the Plymouth Tercentenary developed, the Club was revived and a constitution was created.  It was also in 1920 that Club members moved to purchased the Major John Bradford House and establish it as a headquarters of the Club. 

Over the years, the Club established itself as an independent Society (known as the Jones River Village Historical Society) and continues to be active in the preservation of the Major John Bradford House and the newly rebuilt English barn.  The Society continues to pursue goals relevant to its mission of collecting, preserving, and educating the public about the history of the Town of Kingston.