Lobster Excursions

Plymouth Cruises Aboard Lobster Tales
9 Town Wharf
Plymouth , MA
Phone: 508-746-5342

Harvesting lobsters from the sea has always been an important part of New England's culture. This hour long calm water cruise provides a hands-on approach to seeing how lobsters are harvested from their natural environment. As a few volunteers roll up their sleeves to help haul in lobster traps, passengers will be able to closely observe lobsters, crabs and other species of marine life that live in Plymouth Harbor, (moon snails, sea stars and sometimes fish). In an effort to preserve the marine life for the future of our planet, everything is released back into the sea.

This cruise passes alongside the Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Long Beach. Be sure to bring your questions and your camera!
Specific dates April through October (1 Hour) | Tour groups - please call for special rates.