The Village Green Shops at The Pinehills

The Village Green Shops at The Pinehills
Summerhouse Drive
Plymouth , MA

The heart of The Pinehills, the Village Green is a chance to stock up at The Market, pick up a nice cabernet at Long Ridge Wine & Spirits, and invite some friends to join you for a tasty meal al fresco. Poke around in Setting the Space for unique gift ideas or to pick up something beautiful for your home. Have a tasty breakfast or lunch at The Blueberry Muffin. Treat yourself right at the Charles David Salon & Spa. Meet up for dinner at Mamma Mia’s. And make a day of it.

All your basic needs, like refueling and car repair at Levis and Sons Gulf, getting stamps at the Post Office, and dry cleaning and tailoring at the Cleanist, can be met here. And if it’s something a little less everyday, a checkup at Kerr Dental, getting your taxes done at Cozby & Co, CPAs, and HealthCare … you’ll find that here, too.

The Village Green is by its nature, a central gathering place. Where groups, big and small, come together for a variety of reasons. Regular events are a big part of what draws people to the Village Green, including the Arts Markets featuring local artists and makers, holiday celebrations throughout the year, and home tours that showcase the art and craft of homebuilding at The Pinehills.