Travel Tips

Taxi Driver

Consider 15%, that is if he/she went out of his/her way to get you there directly, safely, and comfortably. Watch to be sure that the tip hasn’t been automatically added to your fare before paying.

Tour Guides And Charter Bus Drivers

It is customary to pay the bus driver $5 for a full day tour, and anywhere from $5 to $10 day for a weeklong trip. Typically, the tour guide, if you have one, gets double the rate paid to the bus driver.

Valet Parking Attendant

A valet parking attendant retrieves your car whenever you want it — it is appropriate to give him/her $1 to $5. However, if your car is precious to you and you need it to be handled with care, or parked in a secure area, a bigger tip may be necessary.


It is customary to give $1 to $2 for a small drink order, but if this person has gone out of his/her way to mix you that perfect drink, a bigger tip is not unreasonable. Provide larger tips when the order is for larger groups.


18% is the norm, and 20% when the individual has given you extraordinary service. For larger groups, tips are sometimes added automatically to the bill. Always examine your check to be sure you don’t pay twice.

Hotel Maid

A good maid works hard, remaining unseen, while providing a clean room for you and your family. Typically, tips should range from $1 to $5 per night, depending on the size of the room, the number of people, and realistically, how messy the room is left. (Room service tips should not be included here, as the Room Service should be tipped separately upon their arrival.)

Food Service Delivery Person

For delivery service, 15% would be construed as appropriate, depending of course on the size of the delivery, the distance, and their timing. Base your tip on the size of your order, the distance traveled and the weather conditions during the delivery. If you ordered a loaded, party-sized pizza delivered 5 miles hot and fresh during rush hour, you may consider giving a bit more than for a small pizza delivered from the pizza shop two doors down.

Tips And Gratuities Can Add Up And Should Be Considered When Budgeting For Your Trip. Have a Great Vacation!